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Chipotle Mac & Cheese

par Stephanie Nadeau sur November 05, 2019


-One block of “chipotle nuts for cheese”  (or any creamy vegan cheese)
-1 cup of organic coconut cream
-1/2 tsp of garlic powder 
-227g of green lentil Bentilia Pasta
-Salt & Pepper
-Gluten free bread crumbs to top


1- Add coconut cream, vegan cheese and garlic powder into a small sauce pan on low to medium heat;

2- Cook Green Lentil Bentilia Pasta in a large pot with lightly salted water;

3- Periodically stir the cheese and coconut cream mixture as the cheese starts to melt. continue to stir until well combined;

4-Once the cheese sauce is melted, season with salt and pepper to taste;

5-Drain pasta then combine cheese sauce with pasta in large pot;

6-Once combined, add mixture to a baking dish. (optional: top with your favorite gluten free bread crumbs)

7-Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15minutes or until bread crumbs are golden brown. 


Original Recipe from our lovely customer @shannaelizabeth


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