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Thanksgiving Autumn Pasta Salad by chef Robyn Michele


-(2) 8oz packages of Bentilia Red Lentil Penne
-1-2 whole organic garlic clove- Less if someone doesn't like garlic/ can be substituted with  or 1 large sweet onion
-6 oz baby spinach ( Trader Joes) (Whole Foods) comes in bag
-2 Organic Medium Size Winter Squash or 3 small ( Smaller squash tends to be sweeter) " Peel then dice into 3/4-1 inch cubes.
-2 Large Sweet Potatoes or Yams- Peel & Dice into Small Cubes. 
( Optional ) Herbs de Provence Seasoning - I like to add this while cooking as the very last step...If your pasta seems dry then add a little vegetable broth to it.


First you will need to prepare your Garlic, Squash and Sweet Potato
Cut top of garlic bulb and place wrapped in tin foil into toaster oven on broil for 20 minutes. 
This will roast your garlic bulb. Set aside when done, You may also cook up additional garlic if you love garlic as I do.
If you prefer no garlic and onion is your favorite. Dice up the onion and do the same in foil or you can sweat your onion with some
salt pepper in a frying pan until it has caramelized. Set aside. If you like both "go for it"- Onion & Garlic is excellent for your immune system especially during cold season. Onions contain powerful flavonoids that have antibiotic effects, and, like garlic, they contain therapeutic sulfur compounds called cysteine sulphoxides.
Peel your Squash and Sweet Potato and then dice, you do not want to dice to small for it will then become mushy.
After dicing place the Sweet Potato and Squash on a cookie sheet.
Once your garlic or onion is done- use the liquid from your onions or take a few cloves of garlic and smash a little on the 
cookie sheet to cover as if you were to use an oil ( No Oil)
Now layout all your squash and sweet potato. Bake on 425 for Half Hour but not to over cook, take out when you start to see the corners getting dark. *Set Aside
Boil spring water once water is boiling put in 16 oz of your Bentilia Red Lentil Penne, Keep an eye on it.
(Follow directions on label) Remove just about 1 minute before pasta is ready not to overcook and drain
keeping some of the water in the pan.
After you have drained the pan, put the heat on very low and add the squash and sweet potato, Now squeeze out the cloves of your garlic or put your caramelized onions into your saucepan. Now add the spinach.
Add Himilayan Pink Salt. Herbs de Provence  -
***Side Note This is an ideal recipe to add kale to. I suggest sauté the kale then add it to the pasta at the end. It will be hidden behind the taste of the spinach. 
1 cup has nearly 3 grams of protein.
  • 2.5 grams of fiber (which helps manage blood sugar and makes you feel full)
  • Vitamins A, C, and K.
  • Folate, a B vitamin that's key for brain development.
  • Alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid.
                   Robyn Michele
                  HealthyGuru.com ( Inquires DM Robyn Directly)


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